-A lot of universities and colleges now offer interior design training, some of them are quite quality, and some after 3 years of training can only provide basic knowledge. for students to graduate after swimming by themselves, but most of the input is not easy and tuition is quite high for some friends. And there are plenty of other options, like "interior design training courses" that open up in a series, learning some online materials with the title "6 Steps to becoming an interior designer", but actually With many years of experience in interior design of mr.decor, in order to become an interior designer, using careers to generate income, he must go through a process of learning and improving knowledge. Universities and colleges can do that,or for those who do not have the time and conditions can follow the lessons step by step in detail above http://www.thietkenoithat-mrdecor.com/,mr.decoralways conditions for you to come close to your passion. No class is as effective as the self-study effort, I wish you success.

 -The following are the basic steps to becoming an interior designer.


 - What is indispensable is the passion and determination to do it, really do anything or learn a job, then you do not have passion and determination, please stop from the beginning, because continue to exempt Forcing trying will only take your time.


 - You should first learn about the concept of "what is interior design, what is interior design?", Because the average person may only think that interior design is redecorating space, arrange furniture, select furniture samples ... etc. quite vague, or even that is the thinking of new graduates because of the general condition of all the colleges and universities in the country that students do not know if they will graduate what. It can be quite difficult when you search on google for the concept of interior design, so I helped you summarize the most general ideas easy to understand. 

 - Interior design is classified into main categories 

  • Interior design housing
  • Interior design office
  • Interior design retail store
  • Interior design health care
  • Interior design hotel
  • Interior design bar-disco-cafe-restaurant

=> it is each development branch of an interior designer, because each category it has its own unique characteristics, if you are good you can also do many areas.

 - The work that interior designers often do

  • Research and analyze customer requirements and goals
  • Outline 2D, 3D sample space
  • Choose colors and materials
  • Select and specify furniture, equipment and furniture
  • Confirm space plans that meet standards for health safety, building safety, environment and sustainability.
  • Prepare budget and project plan
  • Prepare design documents including plans, reviews, specifications and detailed work.
  • Collaborate and collaborate with other experts in the field of design, including architects, electricians, mechanic and professional consultants
  • Supervise the project implementation

=> In order to understand and do these things, it takes less than 3 years of experience in the profession, so there are common concepts that you do not understand is normal, I will differ each item in the following articles.


 - Is the first knowledge to learn and learn to become an interior designer. (you can find out on google yourself a lot, or follow the next article of mr.decor to get detailed instructions)

  • How to read and understand the basic drawings of architectural records (just basic only because the details are of another industry already)
  • The effect of light in space
  • The software needs to learn, currently there are quite a lot of software that can serve the interior design work, but I will direct you to the most common, effective and easy to use software: 3dmax, vray, photoshop, autocad, basic office software . You can download the software at the end of the article.
  • Learn about feng shui in interior design to have basic knowledge
  • Learn about the basic materials used in interior design
  • Learn about the basic color scheme in art
  • These styles are popular in interior design

- These are 3 general steps to know to enter the interior design industry, to go in step by step, you follow the next articles of MR.decor, have any questions or need help Leave your comments below. Good luck!




Download the necessary software.

* Website download high quality 3d models => 3dsfile.com


* 3dmax 2014 => download

* Vray 3dmax 2014 => download


* Photoshop cs6 => download 

   crack photoshop cs6 => download 

* autocad 2013 => download

* office 2010 => download