- I went through a round of google and also saw a few shared articles about basic interior design but the content inside is general concepts, even after finishing a furniture design course, You still can't understand it, but that notion is a person starting from "blank paper". In this article, mr.decor will share the first basic lessons to step on the path to becoming a professional interior designer, reiterating that I will guide you to self-study to avoid going. Whether "lost" is successful or not depends entirely on yourself.

 1. Need to understand design concepts correctly

   -When it comes to design concepts, often people think of artistic creation, especially with interior design, this thinking is really only true for veteran designers, who are already above the professional design. karma again. For starters, you should define "Design  is the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object or a system" that is scientific and thoughtful. , but the theory is indispensable in any job) => should spend time learning on google about these concepts, there are quite detailed articles such as  http://designs.vn/tin- tuc / thiet-ke-la-gi or  http://idesign.vn/content/an-tuong/kien-thuc/bai-1-thiet-ke-la-gi/


2. Orientation for the research and learning process

 - I would like to recall the usual work of an interior designer, I mentioned in  PART 1

  • Research and analyze customer requirements and goals
  • Outline 2D, 3D sample space
  • Choose colors and materials
  • Select and specify furniture, equipment and furniture
  • Confirm space plans that meet standards for health safety, building safety, environment and sustainability.
  • Prepare budget and project plan
  • Prepare design documents including plans, reviews, specifications and detailed work.
  • Collaborate and collaborate with other experts in the field of design, including architects, electricians, mechanic and professional consultants
  • Supervise the project implementation

- Whatever research or study, the ultimate goal is to do the work of an interior designer if above. We start from "HOW TO RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS OF CUSTOMER'S REQUIREMENTS AND PURPOSE?" See section3

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